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Tackling the climate, environment and biodiversity crisis

ODI engages in this arena by helping navigate competing visions of a green future to achieve equitable, risk-informed and environmentally sustainable development.

ODI on Climate change

 - Expert comment

Enhanced Access in the New Collective Quantified Goal on climate finance (NCQG): A case for access done strategically

With around 40% of the global population heading to the polls this year, 2024 looks set to be a year of profound change. While understandably buried beneath the headlines on Trump, Sunak, and Modi, 2024 is also the year in which the international community promised to align on the most consequential catalyst for achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement - the New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance (NCQG).

 - Research report

Making finance flow to adaptation in small-scale agrifood systems: The role of the third long-term goal of the Paris Agreement (Article 2.1 (c))

Article 2.1(c) of the Paris Agreement aims to make finance flows consistent with climate-resilient development. For small-scale agrifood systems, this means bringing together government, small-scale actors and stakeholders across the international climate and food sectors to create a system that supports poverty reduction, food security, nutrition, and healthy natural systems.

Written by Bertha Argueta, Nathaniel Mason et al

 - Research report

Adopting a low-emission and climate-resilient development pathway in Nepal

This report examines Nepal’s progress towards low-carbon and climate-resilient development pathways, asking what institutional barriers exist to financing climate action, how policy, government tools and legislative provisions have addressed climate change and the challenges and opportunities that arise when financing Nepal’s green and inclusive development goals.


ODI Strategy 2021-2025

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