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Tackling the climate, environment and biodiversity crisis

ODI engages in this arena by helping navigate competing visions of a green future to achieve equitable, risk-informed and environmentally sustainable development.

ODI on Climate change

The critical minerals race to net zero

Ahead of the 2023 G20 Summit in India, where the resilience of critical minerals is set to feature, this event will explore the geopolitical drivers of the race for critical minerals. Speakers will discuss the opportunities this creates for resource-rich developing and emerging economies, as well as the resulting (geo)political, environmental, and social risks these countries must navigate.

Changing climate, changing realities: migration in the Sahel

In the Sahel region, people’s lives have been affected for decades by changes in their environment, often forcing them to leave their homes. This report by ODI, commissioned by the British Red Cross, uses case studies from Mali and Sudan to examine of the connections between climate change and migration, the ways in which people cope with or adapt to the adverse consequences of climate change, and the challenges experienced by those who use migration as an adaptation strategy.

Written by Gabrielle Daoust, Yue Cao et al


ODI Strategy 2021-2025

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