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Digital Societies

Our priorities

Our work aims to support just and inclusive digital futures. We prioritise attention to human rights and inclusion in the design, use, regulation and study of digital technologies. This means looking globally at how digitalisation plays out in different contexts and among marginalised groups. This also means working collaboratively, bringing together diverse stakeholders – activists, policymakers and private actors – to better understand one another’s perspectives, and collectively devise just, inclusive and forward-looking solutions to the challenges facing our increasingly digital societies.

Trust and dis/misinformation in the digital public sphere

Censorship, surveillance and freedom of expression

Digital rights, justice and equality

Digitalisation in conflict-affected and fragile contexts

  1. BudgetByte #2: What did we learn from our second Hub webinar?

  2. Digital public finance: top trends in October 2023

  3. BudgetByte #2: can agile procurement and digital transformation improve spending outcomes?


  4. International AI Governance must be truly global

  5. Digital public finance: top trends in September 2023

  6. Pathways toward digitalization in Social Protection and Labor (SPL) service delivery

    Briefing/policy papers

  7. Silent Crisis: information, decision-making, and communities on the frontlines of climate change

    Research reports

  8. Digital public finance: top trends in July 2023

  9. BudgetByte #1: What did we learn from our first Hub webinar?

  10. BudgetByte #1: can standards for fiscal data exchange support better service delivery?


  11. Unpacking the real value of data for public finance

  12. Digital public finance: top trends in June 2023

  13. Digital public finance: top trends in May 2023

  14. Advancing digital change through public financial management

  15. Digital public finance: top trends in April 2023

  16. Budgets and Bytes: how can digital improve public spending?


  17. Pathways towards digitalisation in social protection and public employment services


  18. Welcome to the Digital Public Finance Hub

  19. Making public finance digital: Challenges to the emerging digital public financial management paradigm

    Working papers

  20. Digital public financial management: An emerging paradigm

    Working papers