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Development and Public Finance

What we do

Research and advisory work on how governing bodies can best use their scarce resources to support prosperous and fairer societies.

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Inflation, incomes and inequality – how can lower-income countries use fiscal policy to the greatest effect?

Six ideas to help shield the vulnerable from rising prices, while following a longer-term path towards more sustainable and inclusive economies.
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Public finance and service delivery working paper series

Past events

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Trends and disruptors in multilateral finance: looking ahead with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

This webinar explores the achievements and challenges of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – the newest multilateral development bank – and its future positioning.
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World Bank Group Headquarters

Multilateral Development Banks’ Capital Adequacy Frameworks: options for reform?

This webinar, hosted with CGD, explores whether multilateral development banks' capital adequacy policies are fit for purpose to face current global challenges.
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Asian Development Bank

Financing and operations of multilateral development banks: a clients’ perspective

This webinar draws on research to explore what client countries and opinion leaders think about the financing and operations of multilateral development banks.
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Our team

How we work

  • Strengthening macroeconomic stability

    Supporting policy-makers, national governments and other stakeholders to make informed decisions on quality investments and strengthening institutions, while championing mechanisms to more effectively manage debt and avoid debt distress.

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  • Efficient and equitable public services

    Bringing together different communities and knowledge to improve understanding of appropriate public finance to support service delivery, and supporting policy-makers in the design and implementation of public finance policies.

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  • Building more capable bureaucracies

    Promoting sound public financial management, supporting countries’ finance ministries and reflecting on ODI’s own technical advisory work.

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  • More effective tax systems

    Understanding the ways in which governments can mobilise domestic resources in more sustainable and equitable ways, exploring the linkages between taxation and inclusive growth, and supporting the creation of evidence-based, inclusive tax policy-making processes.

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  • Using public funds to mobilise private capital

    Understanding the potential and limitations of blended finance, and supporting the development of more effective blended finance approaches, while also assessing the role and development of national development banks.

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  • Making international public finance more effective

    Building understanding of how to maximise the impact of international public finance and to reform its architecture

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Public finance and development round-ups

Latest work

  1. Inflation, incomes and inequality – how can lower-income countries use fiscal policy to the greatest effect?

  2. Looking back, looking forward: where next for US inflation?

  3. The devil in the detail? Eight lessons from tax expenditure reporting in Rwanda and Uganda

  4. Multilateral development banks need a bolder vision and urgent reform to tackle the climate crisis

  5. Providing climate finance in the context of a looming debt crisis

  6. Supporting the underdogs: African public development banks and the Finance in Common movement

  7. What’s next for the multilateral development banks in the face of the climate crisis?

  8. Public finance and development: top reads in October 2022

  9. Donors, implementing agencies and DFI/PDB cooperation – The case of the UK: BII and FCDO


  10. Trends and disruptors in multilateral finance: looking ahead with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank


  11. Weathering the storm: African public development banks’ response to Covid-19 and their recovery role

    Working papers

  12. Think Change episode 12: do we need a new Bretton Woods agreement for the post-Covid era?

  13. Managing a new era of IMF lending conditions

  14. Tax expenditure reporting in Rwanda and Uganda: challenges, practical guidance and lessons learnt

    Working papers

  15. Escaping the low-financing trap: Strategies for sustainable educational development in low-income countries

    Research reports

  16. Devex Opinion: World Bank and MDBs must show proactive climate leadership

  17. Understanding the institutions of domestic health financing decisions: insights from immunisation services in three low- and middle-income countries

    Working papers

  18. Reforming capital adequacy at MDBs: How to prudently unlock more financial resources to face the world’s development challenges

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