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Development and Public Finance

What we do

Research and advisory work on how governing bodies can best use their scarce resources to support prosperous and fairer societies.


Multilateral finance in the face of global crisis

An assessment of the multilateral response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Why we need new research on public finance and service delivery

Upcoming events

China in the multilateral development banks: evolving strategies of a new power

China's role in the multilateral development banks

This webinar explores China's engagement across the multilateral development banks.
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How we work

  • Strengthening macroeconomic stability

    Supporting policy-makers, national governments and other stakeholders to make informed decisions on quality investments and strengthening institutions, while championing mechanisms to more effectively manage debt and avoid debt distress.

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  • Efficient and equitable public services

    Bringing together different communities and knowledge to improve understanding of appropriate public finance to support service delivery, and supporting policy-makers in the design and implementation of public finance policies.

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  • Building more capable bureaucracies

    Promoting sound public financial management, supporting countries’ finance ministries and reflecting on ODI’s own technical advisory work.

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  • More effective tax systems

    Understanding the ways in which governments can mobilise domestic resources in more sustainable and equitable ways, exploring the linkages between taxation and inclusive growth, and supporting the creation of evidence-based, inclusive tax policy-making processes.

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  • Using public funds to mobilise private capital

    Understanding the potential and limitations of blended finance, and supporting the development of more effective blended finance approaches, while also assessing the role and development of national development banks.

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Public finance and development round-ups

Latest work

  1. Is France the new development leader on the European block?

  2. Are we there yet? Localisation as the journey towards locally led practice

    Research reports

  3. How to strengthen the IMF’s effectiveness in fragile and conflict-affected states

  4. Multilateral finance in the face of global crisis

    Briefing/policy papers

  5. What MDBs (and their shareholders) can do for vaccine equity

    Briefing/policy papers

  6. China's role in the multilateral development banks


  7. The deeper questions about China and the multilateral banks underneath the Doing Business controversy

  8. A vote for change in Germany – but how much will Germany’s role in global development change?

  9. China in the multilateral development banks: evolving strategies of a new power

    Research reports

  10. Public finance and development: top things to read in September

  11. Can we better manage donor institutions for tackling global challenges?


  12. Coinfusion: digital money is creating opportunities and dilemmas for policy-makers

  13. Intergovernmental fiscal transfers, equity and service delivery: lessons from Uganda

    Working papers

  14. Equity of local government health financing in Uganda

    Working papers

  15. Reforming multilateral development banks


  16. Multilateral development banks: optimising the balance sheet


  17. The UK, Special Drawing Rights and fiscal gimmickry

  18. Public finance and development: top things to read in July

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