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Green growth

  1. Securing economic development in a climate-changed world

  2. Air Miles 2.0? How to ensure Africa is not penalised by net-zero policy spillovers

  3. The Nairobi Declaration must leverage South-South trade, investment and know-how to address the climate emergency

  4. The prospects for development in a climate-changed world: anticipating cross-border effects of climate change and climate action

    Emerging analysis

  5. Bridgetown or bust – why Barbadian PM Mia Mottley’s agenda for reform of the global economic governance is essential for Africa’s prosperity

  6. Decarbonising the UK’s building stock: can immigration policy help solve workforce challenges?

    Working papers

  7. ODI at the WTO Public Forum 2023

  8. Kicking away the ladder or building new scaffolding? Green trade measures and their development implications – a focus on the textiles and clothing global value chain


  9. Mapping finance sources for nature-based solutions in Africa

    Research reports

  10. Nature-based green infrastructure: African experience and potential


  11. A common framework is needed to track progress towards climate goals

  12. Women’s economic empowerment: the missing piece in low-carbon plans and actions

  13. People on the move can support climate action

  14. Five opportunities for Nigeria to lead a clean and just energy transition at COP27 and beyond

  15. Nigeria’s energy transition: reforming fossil fuel subsidies and other financing opportunities

    Working papers

  16. Colombia’s energy transition: 3 opportunities facing President Petro

  17. Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies in Colombia: a crucial step towards a just energy transition

    Working papers

  18. Capital markets for cities

    Working papers

  19. Investing in cities: how can the Commonwealth act to leverage private finance?

    Briefing/policy papers

  20. The Caribbean - a region of excellence for urban climate resilience: lifelong learning for urban planners

    Briefing/policy papers