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Advisory services

We offer bespoke solutions to address policy, implementation and capacity constraints to governments in a range of contexts.

Our expertise draws on our research capability and tradition of high quality, independent advice to partners around the globe. All work is delivered through ODI’s unique combination of world-class researchers and our network of associates and consultants - all experts in developing relevant and bespoke solutions.

Relevant public financial advice

As well as general public financial management support, we offer extensive advice on intergovernmental fiscal relations and capacity development in lower tiers of Government. We also offer timely support on cash and debt management, aid co-ordination and tools and techniques to strengthen the transparency of Government operations. We also have a growing capability on increasing revenue flows through the provision of policy advice and implementation support.

Recently we have also supported service delivery financing, particularly with the reliable delivery of support to decentralised health units - an increasingly important area given the impact of the COVID pandemic.

ODI will continue to focus on the areas described above as well as drawing on interdisciplinary expertise on climate finance, the management of risk, economic support, social protection and digitalisation.

Case studies

  • Sudan

    Funded by the FCDO and the EU, we are supporting Sudan's Ministry of Finance. This encompasses overarching support to PFM reform combined with specific support to upgrade and improve the budget process, support on aid co-ordination, support on analysis and monitoring together with support to planning and budgeting in the Ministry of Health and its interface with Finance. The programmes include technical and strategic support and advises on some of the critical and immediate issues facing the country, including the clearing of arrears with the IFI’s, the preparation of a PRSP and ongoing engagement with the IMF.

  • Uganda

    Currently funded by the EU and previously by FCDO, the ODIUganda program has been providing support to the Government of Uganda since 2011 and, since 2014, has extended the technical support to Ugandan Ministries, Departments and Agencies to implement intergovernmental fiscal transfer reforms. This includes technical support to the design of programmes (including World Bank and EU); reforming the overall grant structure; designing the specific grant, budget and implementation guidelines; developing an Online Transfers Information Management System; and designing and overseeing the implementation of the Local Government Performance Assessment and Performance Improvement systems.

    We are also working with the Tax Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in collaboration with the Uganda Revenue Authority, with UKAID funding through the Centre for Tax Analysis in Developing Countries (TaxDev), in partnership with the Institute for Fiscal Studies. The aim of TaxDev in Uganda is to help enhance the performance of the tax system for raising revenue efficiently and equitably, in line with the Government’s Domestic Revenue Mobilisation Strategy and Uganda’s growth and development objectives. We also provide similar support in Rwanda, Ghana and Ethiopia.

  • Liberia

    Funding from the Swedish Embassy in Monrovia enables ODI to support the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, primarily aimed at strengthening budget comprehensiveness and credibility and enhancing service delivery. This includes working with various departments to reinforce budget planning and formulation processes and improve public investment management; strengthen the revenue and tax policy function as well as budget execution; and improve aid management as well as debt recording and debt management functions. The program also provides strategic support to the Ministry, including on its ongoing engagement with the IMF.

Tailored solutions

Since 2010 ODI has supported Ministries of Finance in fragile and conflict-affected countries. We currently have active programmes of support in Liberia, Mali, Uganda, and Sudan.

We have seen increasing demand for support in managing resource flows to lower tiers of government, for which we have ongoing work with the Government of Uganda. There is also a demand for support on revenue mobilisation in countries with natural resources, particularly in West Africa where we advise the tax administrations of Sierra Leone, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia and Mali on taxation and tax auditing in the extractive sector.

ODI focuses on building coalitions of government and development partner stakeholders around appropriate solutions. These are informed by in-depth knowledge of national contexts and research in other countries. Our approach is flexible, iterative and politically informed, making us well placed to work alongside and facilitate governments to identify and promote customised solutions to problems that might pose challenges to other, more conventional assistance programmes.


ODI has successfully led transparency initiatives in several of our Country Partnerships, including:

The development and launch of a budget transparency website for the Government of Mali.

The development, launch, and continued support to the Budget Transparency Initiative in Uganda.

The development of the Citizen’s Guide to the Draft National Budget for the Government of Liberia, FY 20/21 (with continued support in finalising the guide to the approved budget).

The development and launch of a Project Dashboard for the Government of Liberia, an aid information management platform that collects, analyses, and reports information about donors' assistance programs and projects.

Debt management

ODI is working with the Government of Liberia to reform and build its public debt management capabilities, funded by the Swedish Embassy in Monrovia. Given that reliable and comprehensive debt data is a prerequisite for a full range of government debt management functions, we have focused on strengthening the recording and reporting capabilities of the Debt Management Unit (DMU). Using a combination of workshops, hands-on training, and written guidance notes, we have supported the Liberian DMU to develop a functioning public debt database that is regularly updated, a comprehensive debt procedures manual, and a Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy.

ODI is also working with CABRI to create a network of African public debt managers and coordinate policy engagement on key African debt issues through policy dialogues, training, and in-country work.

Results-oriented programme budgeting and cash management

We are working with the Ministry of Finance in Mali to consolidate the ongoing reforms on budget execution and assist the Budget Directorate and Line Ministries with the implementation of results-oriented programme budgeting. Specifically, we support the implementation of new budget procedures between the different stakeholders.

Our team is also accompanying, in partnership with the local IMF team, the Ministries in the design and implementation of budget commitment plans and other forecasting tools to better forecast spending and manage cash in a more proactive way.

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