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ODI Global Advisory

ODI Global Advisory is a strategic consultancy offering global affairs advisory and research services to public and private sector clients. Backed by 60 years of experience advancing social impact via its parent charity, ODI, we provide expertise-driven insights to translate ideas into action.

ODI is an independent global affairs think tank. As the social enterprise arm, ODI Global Advisory builds from work that spans climate and sustainability, development finance, gender equity, humanitarian policy, and more. With a strong foundation in history and a forward-looking approach, we help clients understand complex challenges and offer tangible, practical solutions.

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Why ODI Global Advisory?

  • Research is at our core. Our world-class experts have devoted their careers to tackling the most pressing issues of our time. With deep knowledge that goes far beyond a single issue or geography, ODI Advisors cut through the noise to provide clients with salient and useful guidance.
  • Complexity is a given. Our nuanced, incisive advice is grounded in evidence. ODI Advisors see the world as it is and provide clients with the tools to act.
  • We are a social enterprise. We direct all profits to ODI to advance cutting-edge research.

What We Do

ODI Global Advisory offers tailored services based on client needs. Drawing on ODI’s researchers and extensive network, we handpick credible and authoritative experts to directly address your needs.

Where We Work

We work across geographies, drawing on a global network of ODI Advisors to ensure our work is informed by local realities.

Areas of Expertise

Climate and Energy

From adaptation, to climate-induced loss and damage, to just energy transitions, ODI Global Advisory’s climate and sustainability advisors work with clients to develop and assess strategies for a sustainable future.

Finance for Development

Drawing from deep and longstanding experience working with international finance institutions and governments on a more equitable global economic order, we advise on relevant and appropriate instruments to catalyse growth that promote access and equity.

Geopolitical Crisis and Risk Management

From the needs of small island developing states to the ramifications of rising global powers, we support clients in navigating complexity to build informed responses and mitigate challenges.

Gender and Governance

Advancing human rights and promoting good governance are interconnected at many micro and macro nexuses. From private companies to governments, good policy is central to the advancement of the SDGs, ESGs, and other global frameworks. We advise clients on local and global human right and governance realities, and target their specific concerns.

Digital Transition

Through convening, case studies, and more, we advise clients on a just and inclusive digital future, delving into the impact of the digital divide, mis- and dis- information, and the emergence of AI.

Board of Directors

ODI Global Advisory Core Team

Contact us

To get in touch with us or to learn more about our work, reach out to [email protected]