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Climate and Sustainability

What we do

Working to build a more equitable world, promoting climate compatible development, sustainable stewardship of natural resources and secure livelihoods.

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The team

  1. Leveraging the G20 to accelerate transition finance flows to emerging economies


  2. G20 Virtual Roundtable: Regulators' Perspectives on Climate Risks and Sustainable Finance in Emerging Economies


  3. Hot Take: March 2023 edition

  4. Developing a collective framework for operationalising Article 2.1(c): lessons from six case studies

    Working papers

  5. What are the options for funding loss and damage?


  6. Climate justice and the role of international law


  7. Tracking climate-consistent finance flows


  8. What do we have to lose? Understanding and responding to climate-induced loss and damage to cultural heritage

    Research reports

  9. Who should provide climate finance? Answering a hard question with some hard numbers

  10. A common framework is needed to track progress towards climate goals

  11. Consistency case study: actions supporting Article 2.1c of the Paris Agreement in Germany

    Case/country studies

  12. The consistency of finance flows with the Paris Agreement: Indonesia case study

    Case/country studies

  13. Actions supporting Article 2.1(c) of the Paris Agreement in Belize

    Case/country studies

  14. Shaping the future of climate finance: now or never

  15. Can two successive COPs in the MENA region galvanise a clean energy transition?

  16. What’s the state of play on Just Energy Transition Partnerships?

  17. Confronting the climate emergency with climate, trade and development policy in sync

  18. Climate-induced non-economic loss and damage: fundamental but long neglected

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