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Climate and Sustainability

What we do

Working to build a more equitable world, promoting climate compatible development, sustainable stewardship of natural resources and secure livelihoods.

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The team

  1. Leading experts gather at ODI to reimagine global trade for a sustainable future


  2. Enhanced Access in the New Collective Quantified Goal on climate finance (NCQG): A case for access done strategically

    Expert comment

  3. Making finance flow to adaptation in small-scale agrifood systems: The role of the third long-term goal of the Paris Agreement (Article 2.1 (c))

    Research report

  4. Adopting a low-emission and climate-resilient development pathway in Nepal

    Research report

  5. Strengthening climate risk assessment and enabling central bank supervision in the Indian financial sector: skill enhancement program for frontrunning Indian banks


  6. Four ways to progress the Global Stocktake outcomes on financing climate action

    Expert comment

  7. Hot Take: March 2024


  8. Putting the 'just' in Just Energy Transition Partnerships: What role for the multilateral development banks?

    Working paper

  9. One size won't fit all: Designing country platforms for different political contexts

    Working paper

  10. Could 'country platforms' be the key to aligning national development priorities and climate goals?


  11. What’s the fuss? Realising the potential of country platforms


  12. Towards sustainable fuel subsidy reform in Nigeria

    Briefing/policy paper

  13. Nigeria’s fossil fuel subsidy reforms: the welfare effects on households

    Research report

  14. Research priorities for climate mobility

    Expert comment

  15. Think Change episode 42: Rising tides, shifting borders - Migration in a changing climate


  16. The Climate – Education Research Framework

    Working paper

  17. Towards Sustainable Fuel Subsidy Reform in Nigeria


  18. Airports, air pollution and climate change

    Briefing/policy paper

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