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Climate and Sustainability

What we do

Working to build a more equitable world, promoting climate compatible development, sustainable stewardship of natural resources and secure livelihoods.


This is a crucial time for global climate action. World leaders must make evidence informed policy decisions. Our cross cutting work offers new research and analysis across finance, trade and adaptation.

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Aligning climate and trade policy for LDCs and graduates

This project aims to equip countries with the evidence, networks and platforms to effectively align and secure their climate and trade strategies in international negotiations.

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The team

  1. Migration for climate action: how labour mobility can help the green transition

    Working papers

  2. ESG and climate risks in India: an introduction for finance professionals


  3. Migration for climate action: how labour mobility can help the green transition

  4. ESG and climate risk management in the Indian financial sector: A landscape analysis of 10 leading financial institutions

    Case/country studies

  5. The rise of sustainable finance in India

    Case/country studies

  6. Identifying, managing and disclosing climate-related financial risks: options for the Reserve Bank of India

    Research reports

  7. Managing climate risks in India's financial sector


  8. Land rights can break the gender bias in climate action for the good of the planet

  9. Green recovery M&E: technical note

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Consistency case study: actions supporting Article 2.1c of the Paris Agreement in Rwanda

    Research reports

  11. Gendering the green city in an era of climate breakdown


  12. Turkey: the contribution of the Clean Technology Fund to energy efficiency goals

    Case/country studies

  13. Export finance for the past or the future?

    Briefing/policy papers

  14. Seven ways the Global Stocktake can accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuel finance


  15. Managing climate-related risks in India’s financial sector: lessons from other countries


  16. To deliver the promise of this climate super year, UN-led efforts must back land rights

  17. Cleaning up their act? G7 fossil fuel investments in a time of green recovery

    Briefing/policy papers

  18. How the UK’s Comprehensive Spending Review risks jeopardising COP26

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