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Climate and Sustainability

What we do

Working to build a more equitable world, promoting climate compatible development, sustainable stewardship of natural resources and secure livelihoods.

An oil tanker at Riga, Latvia

The production gap report: 2020 special issue

The Production gap report, first launched in 2019, measures the gap between Paris Agreement goals and countries’ planned production of coal, oil and gas.
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Energy Policy Tracker database

This new tracker examines G20 governments' Covid-19 recovery packages from a climate and energy perspective.

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European Space Agency's solar plant at the New Norcia station in Western Australia

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  1. Cleaning up their act? G7 fossil fuel investments in a time of green recovery

    Briefing/policy papers

  2. Agricultural innovation for smallholders in sub-Saharan Africa

    Research reports

  3. Transformational change case study | Mexico: the contribution of the Forest Investment Program to forest and climate goals

    Case/country studies

  4. Evaluation of Danish funding for climate change mitigation in developing countries

    Research reports

  5. The costs of climate change in India: a review of the climate-related risks facing India, and their economic and social costs

    Literature reviews

  6. A fair share of climate finance? An initial effort to apportion responsibility for the $100 billion climate finance goal


  7. Delivering a successful G7 summit in the context of a climate emergency

  8. Perceived tenure security as a tool for understanding the conflict context and predicting violent conflict


  9. Seven ways the Global Stocktake can strengthen the post-2020 climate finance agenda


  10. Why agricultural reform is needed to achieve net zero emissions

  11. How to put cities at the heart of the energy transition

  12. Why land is important in understanding violent conflict

  13. Consistency case studies: actions supporting Article 2.1c of the Paris Agreement in Colombia and Switzerland

    Case/country studies

  14. Exploring loss and damage finance and its place in the Global Stocktake

    Research reports

  15. Evaluation of Danish support for climate change adaptation in developing countries

    Research reports

  16. Assessing UK International Climate Finance actions against the Global Goal on Adaptation

    Research reports

  17. Combatting climate change with nature-based solutions


  18. The production gap report: 2020 special issue

    Research reports

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