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Naja Bertolt Jensen, Unsplash

A fair share of biodiversity finance: apportioning responsibility for the $20 billion target by 2025

This report reveals that most wealthy countries are falling short of paying their fair share of biodiversity finance, and need to more than double their contributions to achieve the 2025 target.
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A makeshift camp in Nigeria's Borno State

Shining a light on the human rights challenges of Internally Displaced Persons

By the close of 2023, 63% of the world’s forcibly displaced people were displaced within their own countries. By understanding and addressing their unique needs and risks stemming from their displacement, we can ensure their human rights are equally upheld.
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Think Change podcast

In this show we discuss some of the world’s most pressing global issues with a variety of experts and commentators.

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Think Change episode 49 - no title

Think Change podcast: is SIDS4 a turning point for small island nations?

Guests review the SIDS4 conference in Antigua and Barbuda, and ask what action is needed to drive meaningful change for small island nations.