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Humanitarian Policy Group

HPG is one of the world's leading teams working on humanitarian issues. We are dedicated to improving humanitarian policy and practice through a combination of high-quality analysis, dialogue and debate.
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Independent review of the humanitarian response to internal displacement

This review of the humanitarian system’s approach to internally displaced persons (IDPs) finds that the response is fundamentally flawed and presents a series of recommendations.

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Our projects

HPG's Integrated Programme: People, power and agency

HPG’s Integrated Programme (IP) combines cutting edge research on humanitarian policy and practice, extensive policy engagement, and convening and communications. Our 2022–2024 IP has five projects which explore how humanitarians can better engage with the social and political dynamics that influence humanitarian assistance.

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Climate change, conflict and displacement: how internally displaced persons (IDPs) cope and adapt

Many of today's displacement crises are driven by a complex mix of climate and environmental change, disasters, conflict and fragility. This project seeks to reframe discussions around climate change, conflict and displacement by focusing not on how these three phenomena impact one another, but rather on how they impact people's lives.

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HPG's Integrated Programme (2019–2021)

Our work is directed by our Integrated Programme (IP), a body of research examining critical issues facing humanitarian policy and practice, designed in consultation with our Advisory Group. This is complemented by commissioned studies, evaluations and communications and networking activity.

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The Humanitarian Policy Group's Integrated Programme

HPG team

  1. Beyond survival in displacement: rights essential for wellbeing

    Briefing/policy paper

  2. In the shadow of revolution and humanitarian response: understanding aspirations and wellbeing in Northeast Syria

    Case/country study

  3. The livelihoods of forcibly displaced persons (FDPs): a global evidence review

    Working paper

  4. The lives and livelihoods of forcibly displaced people in Mogadishu, Somalia

    Case/country study

  5. Supporting livelihoods in displacement: four recommendations for donors, policymakers and practitioners

    Briefing/policy paper

  6. Beyond survival: displacement, rights and wellbeing


  7. Event recap: Community engagement with armed actors

    Expert comment

  8. Social cohesion in displacement: when aid actors should step back

    Briefing/policy paper

  9. Gaza: a litmus test for the humanitarian sector’s commitment to decolonisation?

    Expert comment

  10. Confronting disparities in humanitarian responses: Lessons from Nigeria


  11. Protection and the HDP nexus: working in complementarity across humanitarian and peace action for violence reduction


  12. Climate change, conflict and displacement


  13. Event recap: Sounding the alarm on Sudan’s hunger crisis

    Expert comment

  14. Independent review of the humanitarian response to internal displacement

    Research report

  15. Policy Conference: What’s next for EU migration and development policy?


  16. Can ‘the West’ be trusted? The future of European humanitarian aid

    Expert comment

  17. Sounding the alarm on Sudan’s hunger crisis


  18. Community engagement with armed actors: implications for proactive protection and violence reduction


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