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Israel-Gaza Crisis

The humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is playing out before the eyes of the whole world. All warring parties must exercise restraint and must not take actions that are contrary to the basic principles of the Geneva Conventions.

This page rounds up our latest insights and analysis on what action is needed to protect civilians and uphold international humanitarian law.

Think Change episode 45

Think Change podcast: the politics of hunger – can famine in Gaza and Sudan be stopped?

As man-made famine in Sudan and Gaza continues to be used as a weapon of war for political gain, this episode reflects on how humanitarian agencies should respond.

Gaza: a litmus test for the humanitarian sector’s commitment to decolonisation?

Decolonisation is not an academic pursuit. The humanitarian sector’s commitment to it is more critical now than ever, and it must do more to amplify Palestinian narratives.

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Person holding up the Palestinian flag

Responses to the humanitarian situation in Gaza and Israel

The Humanitarian Practice Network (HPN) invited practitioners to share their insights on the crisis unfolding in Gaza and Israel.

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Israeli airstrikes destroyed Gaza buildings

International humanitarian law and civil protection

Think Change: Palestine and Israel - how can justice prevail?

Think Change podcast: Palestine and Israel - how can justice prevail?

This episode examines the latest developments in the Israel-Palestine conflict, how they are impacting on rights and freedoms, and the potential knock-on effects around the world.

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