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Think Change podcast

In this show we discuss some of the world’s most pressing global issues with a variety of experts and commentators.

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  1. The UK's new Developing Countries Trading Scheme: a welcomed change?

  2. Think Change episode 10: what has the impact of Taliban rule been, one year on? Afghan women’s perspectives

  3. Development Policy Review September 2022 round-up

  4. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is creating cascading risks across Eurasia – here’s what to watch out for

  5. Can Azerbaijan be considered a viable energy alternative to Russia?

  6. Future directions in Aid for Trade

  7. Think Change episode 9: is crypto the key to global financial inclusion?

  8. India as an emerging aid donor to debt crisis hit Sri Lanka

  9. Higher lending, bigger impact: tackling global crises through multilateral development bank reform

  10. How will Southeast Asia benefit from the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework?

  11. Will the digital revolution unleash the potential of property taxation?

  12. Massacres in Melilla and Libya: nothing new on European borders

  13. The UK–Rwanda deal is a crisis of responsibility, not a crisis of migration

  14. Think Change episode 8: what next? Rwanda asylum plan in a changing political landscape

  15. Building equitable societies in Small Island Developing States is more challenging and urgent than ever

  16. With geopolitics undermining development in Small Island Developing States, stronger alliances are needed more than ever

  17. Environmental justice for Small Island Developing States

  18. As attention turns to Small Island Developing States at HLPF, the international community must step up its commitment

  19. How financing reforms can unlock sustainable development in Small Island Developing States

  20. Africa’s economic integration and prospects for UK investors