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Think Change podcast

In this show we discuss some of the world’s most pressing global issues with a variety of experts and commentators.

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  1. Public finance and development: top reads in the new year

  2. Afghanistan’s freezing winter: humanitarian crisis and the Taliban’s ban on women aid workers

  3. Devex Opinion: How DFIs could do billions more with their money

  4. What is missing from the World Bank’s Evolution Roadmap? Six priorities for management and shareholders

  5. International macroeconomics and development in 2023: four priority actions

  6. Equitable and sustainable partnerships with Africa: time to define a new approach

  7. Think Change episode 17: what does poverty really mean today?

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  9. Development Policy Review January 2023 round-up

  10. Did COP15 and COP27 do enough for Indigenous and Local Communities?

  11. Fossil fuel subsidies are not the answer to the energy crisis

  12. Could Big Tech’s loss be government’s gain?

  13. What is the economic impact of the war in Ukraine on Kazakhstan?

  14. Five things we learnt about displacement in 2022

  15. Think Change episode 16: what can we expect in 2023 and beyond?

  16. Beyond global politics: How to make the EU-ASEAN partnership more inclusive and transformative

  17. Rethinking British assumptions about Africa

  18. Finance for nature: COP15 needs its ‘2.1(c) moment’

  19. The rise of the far right in Denmark and Sweden – and why it’s vital to change the narrative on immigration

  20. China and global development: 12 things to read and listen to in December 2022