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Think Change podcast

In this show we discuss some of the world’s most pressing global issues with a variety of experts and commentators.

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  1. Think Change episode 25: Africa-China – where is the relationship heading?

  2. Migration can be a source of prosperity all countries, but only when it benefits migrants themselves

  3. Reviving Nigeria’s Automotive Industry: opportunities and challenges under the AfCFTA

  4. The time is now: what the World Bank’s (R)evolution Roadmap should look like

  5. Hot Take: March 2023 edition

  6. National budget trends in the Southern African Customs Union: struggling for control?

  7. Digital public finance: top trends in April 2023

  8. Think Change episode 24: Sudan conflict – how did we get here and what next?

  9. Open letter to new World Bank President Ajay Banga: be the catalyst for reform the World Bank so urgently needs

  10. Development Policy Review May 2023 round-up

  11. Migration management and external policy in Europe are increasingly connected – and that’s problematic

  12. China and global development: 11 things to read in April 2023

  13. Think Change episode 23: is democracy really in retreat?

  14. As UK public attitudes toward migration are increasingly positive, it’s time for more balanced and evidence-based narratives

  15. Prospects for aid in 2023: a watershed moment or business as usual?

  16. Public finance and development: top reads in April 2023

  17. Multilateral development bank reform can – and must – benefit both low- and middle-income countries

  18. All avenues towards a negotiated agreement in Ukraine should be explored

  19. Bigger, but also better: why MDB reform must go further

  20. Are grandmothers the key to shifting social norms on FGM/C and child marriage?