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Think Change podcast

In this show we discuss some of the world’s most pressing global issues with a variety of experts and commentators.

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  1. Documentary | Climate Blueprint: Dominica

  2. National budget trends in East Africa: navigating an uncertain recovery

  3. Four cost-effective ways the U.S. can pay its “fair share” of climate finance

  4. How bad is the fiscal squeeze?

  5. The road to 2030: is inclusive, sustainable economic transformation achievable?

  6. MDBs can drive transformative change – now the G20 must inject urgency and sustain its support

  7. ‘Physician Heal Thyself!’: a New Agenda for Peace must look inwards first, to address institutional obstacles to building and preventing peace

  8. Think Change episode 30: halfway to 2030, are the SDGs still relevant?

  9. Small Islands Big Picture episode 3: What are the distinctive challenges faced by small non-sovereign islands?

  10. Carbon markets – strengthening the links between climate finance and trade policy

  11. The African Climate Summit: securing new trade and investment opportunities

  12. Securing economic development in a climate-changed world

  13. The Nairobi Declaration must leverage South-South trade, investment and know-how to address the climate emergency

  14. Development Policy Review September 2023 round up

  15. Air Miles 2.0? How to ensure Africa is not penalised by net-zero policy spillovers

  16. Development finance institutions must seize the opportunity at the Finance in Common Summit

  17. Bridgetown or bust – why Barbadian PM Mia Mottley’s agenda for reform of the global economic governance is essential for Africa’s prosperity

  18. Small Islands Big Picture episode 2: How can the UN Multidimensional Vulnerability Index help small island states?

  19. In Southern Africa, national budget trends are under debt distress

  20. Digital public finance: top trends in July 2023