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Hero image description: The night lights of Europe (as seen from space) Image credit:NASA/GSFC Image license:CC BY 2.0

What we do

With our analysis, ideas and proposals we aim to inform European external policies and new forms of regional and global cooperation. We work with the EU, its member states and with key players in the region, including the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries, the regional international finance institutions/multilateral development banks, businesses, academia and civil society.

We focus on key areas where cooperation between Europe and its neighbours is critical, such as trade, climate, future of work/digitalisation, security and migration. We will address urgent questions that require collective action, such as how Europe can and should share the financial burden of major global challenges from the climate crisis to the pandemic recovery, and what future trade relationships and agreements will be possible and desirable to support stronger Africa/Europe relations.

Our collective future

For Milan Design Week 2022, ODI and the IKEA Foundation hosted a day of events on the power of ideas, creativity and talent of people who move, by need or necessity.

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Europe and Africa have a shared strategic future but continuing inequalities undermine our shared interests for a green and just recovery.

Hearts and minds: how Europeans think and feel about immigration

Explore our data visualisation analysing public and political narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants in Europe.

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