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Gaza | The politics of narrative

Time (GMT +00) 18:00 19:30
Hero image description: The flag of Palestine on the mountain on the background of the houses in the city. Image credit:The flag of Palestine on the mountain on the background of the houses in the city. Image license:Melnikov Dmitriy/Shutterstock
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Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza in response to attacks from Hamas on Israel has sparked global backlash over the clear disregard for International Humanitarian Law.

The divide between ‘Western’ political leaders and the global majority is stark. Numerous UN General Assembly and Security Council votes have isolated the US, the UK and a handful of allies from the majority of global opinion. This divide is replicated in global media, as leading American and British outlets tend to withhold criticism of Israeli policy, while disregarding or marginalising Palestinian voices and perspectives.

This ODI events series will analyse the narratives around Israel’s invasion, and their intersection with political, economic, social and technical dynamics.

How do we talk about crises? Unpacking the narrative landscape

This first convening will unpack patterns and divergences in the narrative landscape around Israel's invasion in Gaza. By examining the media and political environments in North American and Western European countries, we will explore what is being said, by which actors, and to what audiences.

We will aim to:

1. Investigate how narratives are constructed, replicated and disseminated.

2. Consider what can be done by media, political, academic and other actors to redress media bias in reporting around the conflict.

3. Bring to light and confront misleading, polarising and harmful narratives around the war and examine their consequences.

Through this event series, ODI will convene a diverse set of actors, including journalists, academics from disciplines such as law, politics, international relations and history, humanitarians, policy actors and human rights and digital rights activists.

If you are interested in attending this event in person, please email [email protected].


  • Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou.jpg

    Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou

    Director of Politics and Governance, ODI (Chair)

  • Afua Hirsch

    Afua Hirsch

    Journalist, Writer and Broadcaster

  • Udi Raz

    Udi Raz

    Doctoral fellow at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies and a Board member of Jewish Voice for Just Peace in the Middle East

  • Yasmeen Daher

    Yasmeen Daher

    Co-director and editorial director of Febrayer - A Network for independent Arab Media Organizations

  • Mohamed Hassan

    Mohamed Hassan

    Writer & Broadcaster and Host of The Big Picture podcast on Middle East Eye