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Confronting disparities in humanitarian responses: Lessons from Nigeria

Time (GMT +01) 08:00 09:00
Image credit:Tim Harcourt-Powell


This session focuses on prioritisation in situations of protracted humanitarian crises, drawing on findings from a comparative study of the responses in the north-west and north-east of Nigeria.

Recent research carried out by Neem Foundation and the Humanitarian Policy Group at ODI has focused on the disparity in humanitarian service provision and assistance within Nigeria. It asks in a situation of protracted crisis, limited attention and resourcing, and high needs, how have responders prioritised their actions and what has been the impact of how crises have been framed upon them?

In this session, researchers will distil some key lessons from Nigeria, including on engaging state-level authorities, limits on ‘nexus’ approaches, and upholding principles around assistance according to need. They will also consider the wider relevance of these findings to global conversations around effective prioritisation as an increasingly urgent necessity as resources for the humanitarian system grow further strained.

If you have already registered, please note that the session will stream live from this page.