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Nature-based green infrastructure: African experience and potential

Time (GMT +01) 09:30 11:00
Image credit:Photo © Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles (TRASS)


Research by ODI and partners shows that when stakeholders are given a say in planning processes, they often favour nature-based green infrastructure – such as managing freshwater flows, improving agricultural productivity or planting native vegetation – over more traditional ‘grey’ infrastructure alternatives. Often, stakeholders choose to combine green and grey infrastructure measures together.

From Freetown, Sierra Leone, to Praslin Island, Seychelles, communities recognise the multiple benefits of green infrastructure, including improved food and income security, reduced heat stress and disaster losses, and contributions to climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts. Green infrastructure enhances communities’ biodiversity values, and can benefit recreational, cultural, religious, and aesthetic aspects of human life.

In this open event, experts from Sierra Leone, Seychelles, and an Africa-wide infrastructure programme will share their experiences. ODI researchers will present their findings on the opportunities for planning, implementing, and financing nature-based green infrastructure in diverse African contexts. The focus of the discussion will be on what more international and national funders could do to ensure that the full range of green infrastructure benefits can be well understood and supported.

The event will take place online and in-person. The event and research are funded by the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). The event is hosted by ODI's Global Risks and Resilience (GRR) programme.


  • Mairi Dupar

    Mairi Dupar

    Senior Technical Advisor, Global Risks and Resilience, ODI

  • Laetitia Pettinotti

    Laetitia Pettinotti

    Senior Research Officer, ODI

  • Adriana Quevedo

    Adriana Quevedo

    Senior Research Officer, ODI

  • Eric Hubbard

    Senior Advisor/Consultant to the Mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone and the Freetown City Council.

  • Dr Elvina Henriette

    Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles (TRASS)

  • Jessy Appavoo

    UrbanShift Africa