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  1. How a small Caribbean island is trying to become hurricane-proof

  2. Turning up the heat in Dubai: six things to watch at COP28

  3. Stories of Resilience: Lessons from Local Adaptation Practice

    Research reports

  4. Policy mechanisms of the African Union and the Regional Economic Communities to manage transboundary climate risks

    Research reports

  5. Developing guidance on managing transboundary climate risks in adaptation and sectoral planning


  6. What do we have to lose? Understanding and responding to climate-induced loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services

    Research reports

  7. What do we have to lose? Understanding and responding to climate-induced loss of life and health

    Research reports

  8. Barriers to addressing climate change-related losses and damages in low- and middle-income countries


  9. Securing economic development in a climate-changed world

  10. Air Miles 2.0? How to ensure Africa is not penalised by net-zero policy spillovers

  11. The prospects for development in a climate-changed world: anticipating cross-border effects of climate change and climate action

    Emerging analysis

  12. Measuring adaptation and resilience: An annotated bibliography


  13. An African perspective on transboundary and cascading climate risks

    Briefing/policy papers

  14. Nature-based green infrastructure: A review of African experience and potential

    Research reports

  15. The Global Transboundary Climate Risk Report

    Research reports

  16. Development Policy Review March 2023 round-up

  17. It's not all about the money: grappling with non-economic loss and damage

  18. Operationalising the new ‘Loss and Damage’ fund: six questions

  19. COP27: adapting to a new climate reality

  20. Common symptoms, related cures: after climate summit, governments convene on biodiversity