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  1. The systemic impacts of the war in Ukraine: a triple shock

  2. Piloting and scaling up clean energy transitions: the role of development finance institutions

    Working papers

  3. Turkey: the contribution of the Clean Technology Fund to energy efficiency goals

    Case/country studies

  4. Statement: The data is in — governments must green their Covid-19 recovery to keep global temperature rise to 1.5°C

    Press Release

  5. How to put cities at the heart of the energy transition

  6. An exposé of Trump’s finances: ending US public support for the fossil fuel industry

  7. Decolonising climate action

  8. World’s governments must wind down fossil fuel production by 6% per year to limit catastrophic warming

    Press Release

  9. The production gap report: 2020 special issue

    Research reports

  10. Doubling back and doubling down: G20 scorecard on fossil fuel funding

    Research reports

  11. Five expert views on China’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2060

  12. Energy Policy Tracker

  13. If not now, when do we grow fossil-fuel-free cities?

  14. Motivate. Mobilise. Manage. Repeat: how to deliver climate action for a global reset

  15. FAQ 3: oil and gas, poverty, the environment and human rights

  16. FAQ 2: oil and gas, poverty and economic development

  17. FAQ 1: oil and gas, poverty and energy access

  18. How to build back greener in the Covid-19 recovery

  19. Urban energy and the climate emergency: achieving decarbonisation via decentralisation and digitalisation

    Working papers

  20. Energy safety nets: using social assistance mechanisms to close affordability gaps for the poor

    Research reports