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We explore how technology can be harnessed for the greater good, and identify ways to monitor and reduce its potential to damage the positive outcomes – justice, equality and inclusion – that we seek.

ODI on Digital

 - Briefing/policy paper

Our Digital Age and the Exercise and Contestation of Power

This brief tackles the question: In a digital age, what is new in who exercises power over whom? It focuses on the power of States in relation to both citizens and territory, and outlines four areas where fundamental changes are taking place in the exercise and contestation of power.

Written by Stephanie Diepeveen

 - Event

BudgetByte #3: Can governments make digital payments to citizens 'smarter'?

This is the third event in the BudgetByte webinar series from ODI’s Digital Public Finance Hub that explores government capabilities to bring public finance into the digital era. The aim of the webinar is to consider the possibilities of 'smarter' payments systems to improve spending outcomes.


ODI Strategy 2021-2025

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