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Future of work

  1. Gender-responsive social protection post Covid-19

    Journal issue/article

  2. JobTech and digital innovation for youth by youth


  3. ODI Bites: women and the future of work


  4. Social protection and the future of work: a gender analysis

    Working papers

  5. Can cooperatives create fairer digital work for youth in Africa?

  6. What Kenyan ghost-writers can teach us about prejudice in the digital gig economy

  7. Five ways to change gender norms in unpaid care and domestic work

  8. Making it work: lesbian, bisexual and transgender women’s economic empowerment in the Philippines

    Research reports

  9. Ethiopia on the rise: five key takeaways from Davos

  10. Four ways governments can leverage 4IR to achieve the SDGs

  11. We urgently need better evidence on the impacts of digitalisation

  12. East Africa's economic transformation, digitalisation and the future of work

  13. Will the 2020s be the decade of Africa’s economic transformation?

  14. Why ‘leave no one behind’ must be at the core of Pakistan’s skills development agenda

  15. Universal basic income and work

    Book/book chapter

  16. Why industrialisation is vital for the African Continental Free Trade Agreement to succeed

  17. Why skills development is key for digital transformation in Africa

  18. Women in the gig economy: paid work, care and flexibility in Kenya and South Africa

    Research reports

  19. Booming Africa: young women and new digital societies


  20. How youth-led makerspaces plug the skills gap in Africa