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  1. Budgets and Bytes: how can digital improve public spending?


  2. Could Big Tech’s loss be government’s gain?

  3. Misinformation in Brazilian elections: can the judiciary stem the tide of political misinformation?

  4. What is solar radiation modification and what questions should SIDS be asking about the governance of its research and deployment?

  5. Local context and global social media governance: the case of Telegram

  6. Russia’s recent ITU election loss is a major setback for China’s internet governance ambitions

  7. Sierra Leone fabrics and fashion: prospects and challenges for the sector

    Case/country studies

  8. Hashtags, memes and selfies: Can social media and online activism shift gender norms?

    Research reports

  9. Hidden in plain sight: how social media infrastructure shapes gender norms

    Research reports

  10. A war on many fronts: disinformation around the Russia-Ukraine war

  11. Break the bias to challenge gender norms on social media

  12. Adolescent digital inclusion


  13. Tackling digital exclusion among disadvantaged adolescents in Jordan

    Research reports

  14. Blackout: understanding the internet shutdowns in Kazakhstan and Yemen

  15. Digital mapping and inclusion in humanitarian response

    Working papers

  16. Social protection response to Covid-19 and beyond: emerging evidence and learning for future crises

    Working papers

  17. Youth enterprise growth: evidence from Youth Forward in Uganda

    Research reports

  18. JobTech and digital innovation for youth by youth


  19. Why social media law-making needs to be more youth inclusive

  20. Public finance and service delivery working paper series