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  1. Hashtags, memes and selfies: Can social media and online activism shift gender norms?

    Research reports

  2. Hidden in plain sight: how social media infrastructure shapes gender norms

    Research reports

  3. A war on many fronts: disinformation around the Russia-Ukraine war

  4. Break the bias to challenge gender norms on social media

  5. Adolescent digital inclusion


  6. Tackling digital exclusion among disadvantaged adolescents in Jordan

    Research reports

  7. Blackout: understanding the internet shutdowns in Kazakhstan and Yemen

  8. Digital mapping and inclusion in humanitarian response

    Working papers

  9. Social protection response to Covid-19 and beyond: emerging evidence and learning for future crises

    Working papers

  10. Youth enterprise growth: evidence from Youth Forward in Uganda

    Research reports

  11. JobTech and digital innovation for youth by youth


  12. Why social media law-making needs to be more youth inclusive

  13. Public finance and service delivery working paper series


  14. Advancing youth-centred digital ecosystems in Africa in a post-Covid-19 world

    Working papers

  15. E-commerce in preferential trade agreements: implications for African firms and the AfCFTA

    Research reports

  16. Can Central Banks Digital Currencies deliver for people in poverty?

  17. Covid-19 and the future of digital humanitarianism


  18. Use of digital technology among adolescents in the adult entertainment sector in Nepal

    Briefing/policy papers

  19. How to tackle mis/disinformation with a human centred approach

  20. Interview: interrogating the power relationships that shape data for sustainable development