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The technology architecture for the future of public finance

Time (GMT -05) 14:00 15:30
Image credit:Shutterstock / jamesteohart

ODI at the WBG/IMF Spring Meetings

ODI is convening a series of events in Washington DC during the week of the 2024 World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings.

For more information, including details on how to register, please visit our dedicated Spring Meetings webpage.


Expectations of public finance systems are always evolving. While technology has always played a big role in meeting these expectations, it has proven difficult for governments to keep up to date. Often our technologies for financial management are addressing yesterday's expectations rather than today’s, let alone being adaptable to tomorrow’s. That’s a problem in a rapidly changing and volatile world where governments and public finance systems are expected to be more flexible and responsive to emerging challenges.

Although there is an emerging consensus that our technology architecture for financial management needs to be more adaptable to these changing needs and expectations, there is uncertainty about how to achieve this in practice. Governments struggle to understand the technology options available to them, and how they fit together. As a result, they are often biased towards particular solutions and suppliers, rather than using their buying power to shape the market they need. This constrains the ability of government to continuously improve and adapt the financial management services it provides.

This roundtable will bring together leaders from government, the software industry, international organisations and other experts to consider the following questions:

- What are the possible technology architectures for the future of government financial management?

- What are the software options available right now for building that architecture?

- And, where (and how) do we need to provide more direction to the market on what is needed?

Address: DACOR Bacon House, 1801 F St., NW, Washington, DC 20006.


  • Cathal Long

    Cathal Long

    Lead, Digital Public Finance Hub, ODI

  • Delphine Moretti

    Delphine Moretti

    Lead, Financial Management and Reporting and Medium-term budgeting – Public Management and Budgeting Division, OECD

  • Matthew Garber headshot

    Matthew Garber

    Chief Customer Officer – Bureau of the Fiscal Service, US Treasury

  • Hennie Swanepoel

    Hennie Swanepoel

    Chief Director (Data Analysis), Budget Office, South African National Treasury

  • James Stewart

    James Stewart

    Partner and CTO, Public Digital

  • Lauren Kahn headshot

    Lauren Kahn

    Director of Strategy & Research, Public Digital

  • Valentina Ion headshot

    Valentina Ion

    Public Finance Global Lead – Microsoft Corporation

  • Douglas Hadden headshot

    Douglas Hadden

    Executive Vice President – FreeBalance