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  1. Data sharing and third-party monitoring in humanitarian response

    Working papers

  2. Using real-time indicators for economic decision-making in government: Lessons from the Covid-19 crisis in the UK

    Emerging analysis

  3. Creating our collective future: what the arts and design can do for development

  4. Our collective future


  5. ‘Leave no one behind’ indices 2020

    Working papers

  6. Why social media law-making needs to be more youth inclusive

  7. Data, tools and measurement: guide to recent resources


  8. Covid-19 phone survey (round 2) in Jordan and Palestine


  9. Responsible data-sharing with donors: accountability, transparency and data protection in principled humanitarian action

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Interview: interrogating the power relationships that shape data for sustainable development

  11. The data gap on public attitudes towards migrants in low- and middle-income countries needs closing – here’s how

  12. Migration survey sampling: a pragmatic ‘how-to’ guide

  13. Innovations in quantitative measurement of gender norms


  14. Adapting data collection and utilisation to a Covid-19 reality: monitoring, evaluation and learning approaches for adaptive management

    Briefing/policy papers

  15. Monitoring and learning during Covid-19: beyond remote data collection

  16. ‘How is your research going to benefit me?’: bringing findings back to communities in Ghana

  17. Public finance and development: six things to read in October

  18. Getting girls’ voices heard on the global stage: progress since the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action

  19. Quantitative measurement of gendered social norms


  20. Are we suffering from obsessive measurement disorder?