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Think Change episode 43: can art and design change the world?

Written by Sara Pantuliano, Federica Fragapane, Adama Sanneh, Marta Foresti


When it comes to development, creative and cultural practitioners are too often overlooked and underestimated as agents of change.

According to UNESCO, the creative and cultural sector is one of the most powerful engines of global development. It accounts for nearly 50 million jobs worldwide, representing 6.2% of all existing employment and 3.1% of global GDP.

On this episode, our guests discuss the immense potential of art, design and creativity to inspire social development and tackle global injustices. They unveil the ways in which creative projects are more than aesthetic pursuits – they are at the heart of change and testament to our shared humanity, fostering human connections and challenging the status quo.

Join us as we explore the intersection of creativity and development, and ask why – and how – creative and policy communities must work more closely together to change the world.

This episode was produced in partnership with LAGO.


  • Sara Pantuliano (host), Chief Executive, ODI
  • Federica Fragapane, Information Designer and ODI Research Associate
  • Adama Sanneh, CO-Founder and CEO, Moleskine Foundation
  • Marta Foresti, Visiting Senior Fellow, ODI & Founder, LAGO ltd.

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