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Federica Fragapane

Research Associate

Mayors Dialogue on Growth and Solidarity, Human Mobility Initiative

Portrait of Federica Fragapane

Federica Fragapane is an independent information designer. Among her projects, she designed data visualizations for Google News Lab, UN, Scientific American, BBC Science Focus, Penguin Books and La Lettura. She is co-author of the infographics children's book “Planet Earth: Infographics for Discovering Our World ” and the "Geopolitical Atlas of Water". Many of her projects have an experimental approach and she is interested in exploring the relationship between data visualization and people. She won the Data Design Honoree at Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards 2019, the gold medal at the Core77 Design Awards 2018 in New York and was awarded at the European Design Awards 2019 and 2017, Core77 Design Awards 2017 and Information is Beautiful Awards 2017 and 2014. Her work has been featured as design of the week by Design Emergency and by design magazine Wallpaper.