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The Beauty of Movement: arts and research for new migration narratives

Time (GMT +00) 18:00 21:00
Image credit:Sama Kai
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In collaboration with LAGO, Phaidon and Moleskine Foundation we are hosting an evening of celebrations as part of the London Migration Film Festival.

Moving between places and across borders is much more than just crossing them. It is a journey of ideas, talent and cultures. The beauty of movement is in the experience shared by so many, and the creativity, ideas and hopes of the people making these journeys. Yet, too often this beauty remains an untold migration story.

What if art and design can help make this story the new migration narrative? What if culture and policy communities can work together to achieve meaningful change? What if creatives can unlock different answers to enduring questions? What if design can help shift the public conversation in ways that drive local action?

To explore these questions, we are bringing together artists, designers, researchers and policymakers working together, often unconventionally, to form new communities of action. Join us on the 23rd of November from 6pm onwards at the Shoreditch Arts Club, 6 Redchurch St, London E2 7DD.

The event will be opened by a screening of ‘On Freedom of Movement (wi de muv)’ by award-winning artist Julianknxx , followed by a panel discussion and an afterparty sponsored by the London Migration Film Festival and Brixton Brewery, celebrating a year of LAGO and our communities.

If you are interested to attend, please contact [email protected].


  • Marta Foresti

    Marta Foresti

    Founder of LAGO and Senior Visiting Fellow, ODI

  • Eka Ikpe

    Eka Ikpe

    Director of the African Leadership Centre at Kings College and ODI Trustee

  • Federica-Fragapane-headshot new

    Federica Fragapane

    Information designer

  • Khalid Albaih img

    Khalid Albaih

    Political cartoonist and journalist, ICORN/PEN Artist in residence

  • Gabriella Gomez-Mont img

    Gabriella Gómez-Mont

    Former Chief Creative Officer for Mexico City

  • Adama Sanneh img

    Adama Sanneh

    CEO of Moleskine Foundation