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Pathways towards digitalisation in social protection and public employment services

Time (GMT +00) 14:00 15:30
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Recent years have seen rapid growth in the use of new technologies to deliver social protection and public employment services – a trend that has further accelerated since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This hybrid session will take stock of these developments to consider how digitalisation is changing the way social protection is delivered, the results of these initiatives, the enablers of success, and key lessons for countries pursuing different pathways towards digitalisation in the social protection sector.

It will consist of a short presentation of forthcoming ODI/World Bank research on pathways toward digitalisation in the social protection sector, a moderated discussion with expert panellists, and a Q&A/ wider discussion with event attendees.

It will also build on earlier research on the digitalisation of social protection before and since the onset of Covid-19, which explored the main opportunities and challenges associated with digital social protection, drawing on trends pre-Covid and since the onset of the pandemic.

Please note:

As part of a wider one-day conference on the role of digital in improving public spending, ODI is hosting this hybrid event on the digitalisation of public service delivery.

This event will be in English.