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  1. Women and power: shaping the development of Kenya's 2010 constitution

  2. Women and power: what can the numbers tell us about women's voice, leadership and decision-making?

  3. How to make a business case to end gender-based violence

  4. Doing qualitative field research on gender norms with adolescent girls and their families

  5. How do gender norms change?

  6. Situation analysis of children in Uganda: summary

  7. Situation analysis of children in Uganda

  8. Patterns of progress on the MDGs and implications for target setting post-2015

  9. Measuring women's empowerment and social transformation in the post-2015 agenda

  10. Falling between the cracks: How poverty and migration are resulting in inadequate care for children in Viet Nam’s Mekong Delta

  11. Child protection violations and poverty in low- and middle-income countries

  12. Rethinking the ‘Maid Trade’: Experiences of Ethiopian adolescent domestic workers in the Middle East

  13. Rethinking girls on the move: The case of Ethiopian adolescent domestic workers in the Middle East - Full report

  14. Sexual exploitation of adolescent girls in Uganda

  15. What can be done to address intersecting inequalities? Social justice post-2015

  16. Strengthening social justice to address intersecting inequalities

  17. The costs and economic impact of violence against children

  18. Effects of the Palestinian National Cash Transfer Programme on children and adolescents: A mixed methods analysis

  19. Old age, disability and mental health: data issues for a post-2015 framework

  20. Power, Empowerment and Participation