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Climate finance

  1. Climate Justice and the Role of International Law


  2. Tracking climate-consistent finance flows


  3. What is missing from the World Bank’s Evolution Roadmap? Six priorities for management and shareholders

  4. Methodological guidance to assess the value for money of premium and capital support towards climate and disaster risk finance and insurance

    Research reports

  5. Methodological guidance to determine the 'size' of premium and capital support (PCS) at macro level

    Research reports

  6. Understanding the climate and net-zero transition risks and opportunities in Tajikistan

    Briefing/policy papers

  7. What do we have to lose? Understanding and responding to climate-induced loss and damage to cultural heritage

    Research reports

  8. It's not about the money: grappling with non-economic loss and damage

  9. China and global development: 12 things to read and listen to in December 2022

  10. Operationalising the new ‘Loss and Damage’ fund: six questions

  11. COP27: adapting to a new climate reality

  12. Common symptoms, related cures: after climate summit, governments convene on biodiversity

  13. Think Change episode 15: the climate and conflict double challenge – has COP27 delivered?

  14. Who should provide climate finance? Answering a hard question with some hard numbers

  15. Old wine in new bottles? China, the G7 and the new infrastructure geopolitics

  16. Public finance and development: top reads in November 2022

  17. A common framework is needed to track progress towards climate goals

  18. Consistency case study: actions supporting Article 2.1c of the Paris Agreement in Germany

    Case/country studies

  19. The consistency of finance flows with the Paris Agreement: Indonesia case study

    Case/country studies

  20. Actions supporting Article 2.1(c) of the Paris Agreement in Belize

    Case/country studies