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What we do

ODI Europe leads thinking and policy influence to inspire Europe to continue acting on injustice and inequality.

Through independent, collaborative research and ideas that matter for people and the planet, ODI’s European office steers European policy design and ensures an informed debate about Europe’s role in the global arena. Find out more about our priority areas for 2023/24.

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Our Projects

The Africa-Europe Mayors' Dialogue

The Dialogue is a partnership of equals between African and European mayors, focusing on creating opportunities for all urban residents. It aspires to a new and different model of cooperation between the two continents, based on mutual respect and trust, helping to redress the power imbalances that persist between Africa and Europe.

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Cities in the Mayors Dialogue

Public and political narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants: implications for action

This project is mapping recent research and evidence on public attitudes toward refugees and other migrants in countries across Europe and Africa.

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About our European office

ODI’s European office extends and deepens ODI’s engagement with European-based policy-makers on topics which go beyond the current development aid paradigm. Our focus is on economic, climate, foreign, security, social, domestic, and other policies that affect marginalised and vulnerable populations.

Europe is a key vehicle for impacting global policy, through advancing change across the continent, as well as through its external programmes and engagement in multilateral fora. ODI Europe was established in Brussels in 2021 as an international not-for-profit association (INPA). By growing ODI’s engagement across Europe, we aim to increase visibility, influence, and impact on the global policy process in key areas, building just and equitable partnerships and driving impact.

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ODI Europe
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Email: [email protected]

EU Transparency register: 131581848799-77