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Public and political narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants: implications for action

This two-year project aims to support public and private funders and investors interested in working with refugees and other migrants. It has two main objectives:

  • To ensure that funders and investors have an accurate understanding of the nature and key features of public attitudes and narratives on migration in the contexts where they operate
  • To help them devise effective strategies and actions that take into account and engage with these attitudes and narratives in ways that benefit refugees and other migrants, and host communities. 

The overall aim is to encourage and support the proactive engagement of funders and investors in the politically challenging but manageable reality of global human mobility.

Through a series of activities, dialogues and innovative communication and outreach initiatives, the project is mapping recent research and evidence on public attitudes toward refugees and other migrants in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the US, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Nigeria. We will explore how public attitudes are shaped in these countries, and identify opportunities and entry points for engagement by businesses and bilateral and multilateral agencies in ways that can effectively support refugees and other migrants closer to their countries of origin. The project will provide concrete examples of solutions and realistic measures to better manage global migration and displacement in different regions, and areas for collaboration and mutual learning. 

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