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Syrian Arab Republic

  1. Do we need a new approach to support fragile states?


  2. Water security in the protracted crises and post-conflict reconstruction of the Middle East

    Briefing/policy papers

  3. The IMF in insecure fragile states: why being absent should no longer be an option

  4. The Jordan Compact: lessons learnt and implications for future refugee compacts

    Briefing/policy papers

  5. Holding the keys: humanitarian access and local organisations

    Research reports

  6. The effects of UNHCR and UNICEF cash assistance on Syrian refugees in Jordan

  7. A promise of tomorrow: the effects of UNHCR and UNICEF cash assistance on Syrian refugees in Jordan

    Research reports

  8. The future of work for Syrian refugee women in Jordan: is the “gig economy” an opportunity?

  9. Lebanon case study: migrant domestic workers and the 2006 crisis

    Research reports

  10. Lebanon needs more international support to care for Syrian refugees

  11. Holding the keys: who gets access in times of conflict?


  12. What’s the magic word? Humanitarian access and local organisations in Syria

    Working papers

  13. Rational atrocities and state formation: a game theoretic approach to the case of ISIS


  14. Humanitarian access and ethics: decision-making in unsafe environments


  15. Ground truths: local humanitarians in conflict


  16. Education Cannot Wait: a fund for education in emergencies

    Research reports

  17. Middle East in crisis: how the world should respond


  18. Can deterrent policies stop people coming to Europe?

  19. Five years on, what next for Syria?


  20. Enhancing aid architecture in the regional response to the Syria crisis

    Research reports