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The gig economy in complex refugee situations


Written by Abigail Hunt, Dina Mansour-Ille, Emma Samman


Research with Syrian women refugees in Jordan suggests that, despite significant challenges, the gig economy has some potential to help refugees participate in host communities and to bolster their economic participation. 

This article (p. 47–49) by three ODI authors explores the challenges and opportunities of the gig economy for refugees and future avenues for gig economy livelihoods programming.

Published in Forced Migration Review 58, 'Economies: rights and access to work': When people are forced to leave their homes, they usually also leave behind their means of economic activity. In their new location, they may not be able, or permitted, to work. This has wide-ranging implications. This issue includes 22 articles on the main feature theme of Economies: rights and access to work. It also includes two ‘mini-features’, one on Refugee-led social protection and one on Humans and animals in refugee camps.

Abigail Hunt, Emma Samman, Dina Mansour-Ille and Henrieke Max