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Water security in the protracted crises and post-conflict reconstruction of the Middle East

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Guy Jobbins, Bryn Welham

This briefing note looks at what needs to be done to make water sector interventions appropriate for the current and future needs of countries in the Middle East and North Africa that are in protracted crises or conflicts.

  • Water sector interventions in protracted crises and reconstruction need updated guidance that addresses the needs of the Middle East and North Africa’s urban, middle-income, capable and arid environments.
  • More evidence is needed on how to coordinate and phase different modes of support to ensure sustainable, resilient and equitable water management and services.
  • The role of water in supporting strategic reconstruction goals needs more attention and systematic treatment in reconstruction planning.
  • More attention is needed on the political dimensions of water in protracted crises and reconstruction.
  • Donors need more evidence and guidance on practices and modalities to support the water sector specifically.
Guy Jobbins, Steve Commins and Bryn Welham