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Russian Federation

  1. Scoping opportunities, barriers and enablers of nature-based solutions in Russia: the REACT programme’s UK–Russia exchange on climate change transition

    Research reports

  2. Tracking G20 coal subsidies

  3. G20 coal subsidies: Russia

    Research reports

  4. With no political solution to Ukraine’s conflict in sight, its civilians need aid now

  5. G20 support to fossil fuel production: who are the leaders and the laggards?

  6. G20 subsidies to oil, gas and coal production: Russia

    Research reports

  7. The evolving humanitarian system: a truly global approach?


  8. Will the BRICS provide the Global Public Goods the world needs?

    Research reports

  9. BRICS development bank, too good to be true?

  10. Building blocks for equitable growth: lessons from the BRICS

    Working papers

  11. International relations in 2030: The transforming power of large developing countries

    Working papers

  12. Estimating Russia's Impact on the Economic Performance of the Commonwealth of Independent States since 1991 - The Cases of the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine

    Working papers

  13. Post-conflict Privatisation: A Review of Developments in Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina

    Working papers

  14. Civil Society and Governance in 16 Developing Countries

    Working papers

  15. The Judiciary and Governance in 16 Developing Countries

    Working papers

  16. Challenging choices: protection and livelihoods in conflict

    Briefing/policy papers

  17. New divisions in Europe? East–East divergence and the influence of European Union enlargement


  18. Governance and Corruption Brief

    Briefing/policy papers

  19. State-building: A Comparative Study of Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia

    Book/book chapter

  20. Conclusions from Phase I

    Working papers