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Russian Federation

  1. Humanitarian action in an evolving Russia–Ukraine conflict: virtual roundtable, 15 September 2022

    Meeting/conference reports

  2. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is creating cascading risks across Eurasia – here’s what to watch out for

  3. Can Azerbaijan be considered a viable energy alternative to Russia?

  4. An opposition of values: Russian independent journalism after 24th February

  5. Managing humanitarian narratives in the Ukraine crisis response: virtual roundtable, 26 May 2022

    Meeting/conference reports

  6. Digital dissidence: Russian online censorship and possibilities for opposition


  7. Navigating humanitarian dilemmas in the Ukraine crisis


  8. A war on many fronts: disinformation around the Russia-Ukraine war

  9. Condemnation of Russia’s invasion isn’t enough – Ukraine needs stronger European support now

  10. China to keep a watchful eye on Kazakhstan as political risk heightens

  11. Scoping opportunities, barriers and enablers of nature-based solutions in Russia: the REACT programme’s UK–Russia exchange on climate change transition

    Research reports

  12. Tracking G20 coal subsidies

  13. G20 coal subsidies: Russia

    Research reports

  14. With no political solution to Ukraine’s conflict in sight, its civilians need aid now

  15. G20 support to fossil fuel production: who are the leaders and the laggards?

  16. G20 subsidies to oil, gas and coal production: Russia

    Research reports

  17. The evolving humanitarian system: a truly global approach?


  18. Will the BRICS provide the Global Public Goods the world needs?

    Research reports

  19. BRICS development bank, too good to be true?

  20. New divisions in Europe? East–East divergence and the influence of European Union enlargement