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The Russia–Ukraine war: selected economic impacts on African women

Working papers

Written by Phyllis Papadavid

Working papers

The economic shocks stemming from the Russia–Ukraine War have disproportionately impacted women in sub-Saharan Africa due to pre-existing discriminatory gender norms. This paper examines price shocks (in food, fuel and fertiliser), exchange rate depreciations, and disrupted cross-border trade in the region.

The study argues that addressing discriminatory gender norms through economic policies is crucial for enhancing African women's resilience to macroeconomic shocks. Policy interventions should prioritise education, healthcare, property rights, and redistribution of household duties. The paper also emphasises the importance of national and international policy interventions to address women's practical and strategic interests, including workforce participation, livelihoods, and political representation.

The research, supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), provides valuable insights for further analysis and interventions to enhance women's resilience in the face of economic shocks.