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Between the CAPs: agricultural policies, programming and the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Working paper

Working paper

The study analyses the challenges facing agricultural producers, politicians and aid programmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) as they move from modalities reminiscent of the agricultural rehabilitation programming supported in the past through the Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP1 phase), to now preparing for future EU membership and increasing integration into markets steered by the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP2 phase). EU Foreign Minister Designate Javier Solana has referred to the dichotomy between past and future approaches to development in BiH as a move from the ‘era of Dayton’ to the ‘era of Brussels’ (2004). These points of reference for agricultural policies and programming have little in common, but both have a profound impact on the prospects for effective, pro-poor support to agricultural development in the past, the present and the future.

Ian Christoplos