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Agriculture & food

  1. Global Food Security Summit

  2. Think Change episode 34: is our food system really broken?

  3. Development Policy Review November 2023 round-up

  4. Farming after fighting

    Research reports

  5. Agricultural and industrial policies for inclusive growth in Togo

    Working papers

  6. Development Policy Review May 2023 round-up

  7. Somalia: Anticipatory Action in Advance of 'Wicked Crises'

    Briefing/policy papers

  8. How African integration can help achieve food security

  9. Rapid Assessment of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

    Emerging analysis

  10. Impacts of disruptions to livestock marketing in Sudan

    Working papers

  11. Financing livestock trade: Formal and informal finance in Kenya, Mali and Somalia

    Research reports

  12. Equitable and sustainable partnerships with Africa: time to define a new approach

  13. COP27: adapting to a new climate reality

  14. Putting food systems at the heart of climate dialogue and action

  15. COP27 must address the food crisis as well as the energy crisis

  16. 'Fake seeds cost us money': Learning from Traction’s adaptive approach to changing the stakes for farmers in Malawi

    Case/country studies

  17. Development Policy Review July 2022 round-up

  18. Think Change episode 6: how can we break the silence on famine in the Horn of Africa?

  19. Think Change episode 3: will the war in Ukraine cause a food crisis?

  20. Development Policy Review May 2022 round-up