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Global Food Security Summit

The UK is hosting a Global Food Security Summit on 20 November, in an effort to focus international attention on the deepening global food security crisis and help boost efforts to end hunger and malnutrition (SDG 2).

This page rounds up our latest resources and commentary on how to address food insecurity today.

How to ensure the Global Food Summit takes us forward – and not back to the past

The Global Food Security Summit must avoid falling back onto old framings of food security.

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Think Change episode 34 - homepage

Think Change podcast: is the global food system broken?

This episode paints a full picture of global hunger and malnutrition today. We ask whether the food system is really broken, and how the humanitarian system can better respond to food crises around the world.

SPARC resources

Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture in Recurrent and Protracted Crises (SPARC) informs more feasible and cost-effective policies and investments in the drylands of Africa and the Middle East. 

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