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Think Change episode 6: how can we break the silence on famine in the Horn of Africa?

Written by Sara Pantuliano, Mary Harper, Nimo Hassan, Daud Jiran, Simon Levine


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Following four failed rains and with the threat of a fifth, the Horn of Africa is now facing the worst drought for 40 years, with up to 20 million people at risk of going hungry. The current crisis is drawing parallels to the famine in 2011 that killed nearly 260,000 people in Somalia alone.

Aid agencies and food security experts raised the alarm about the impact of failed rains long ago, so why are we here again? And why is this devastating crisis not getting the attention it so urgently needs? In this episode, experts from Mogadishu discuss the situation on the ground. We assess why the famine is continuing to evade the headlines and donor support, and what can be done to break this silence and mobilise action.


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