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Humanitarian system

  1. Think Change episode 35: is the international community failing on its shared commitment to refugees?

  2. Social cohesion or social coercion? How policies to improve refugee–host relations can go astray

  3. Think Change episode 34: is our food system really broken?

  4. Sudan’s humanitarian crisis slips further from sight


  5. The failure to fund refugee-led organisations: why the current system is not working, and the potential for change

    Research reports

  6. Financing refugee leadership and agency


  7. Israel-Gaza crisis

  8. Germany's rise as a humanitarian donor: the interplay of narratives, new foreign policy ambition and domestic interests

    Case/country studies

  9. Sex, health and rights in displacement and humanitarian response: crises upon crises in Lebanon and beyond

    Case/country studies

  10. Why the refugee label undermines social cohesion: lessons from Tanzania

  11. Wellbeing in humanitarian action: what food, sex and death can teach us about supporting meaningful lives

  12. Beyond survival: exploring wellbeing in humanitarian action

    Literature reviews

  13. Think Change episode 27: refugee leadership – how do we move from talk to action?

  14. Meaningful participation means refugee-led organisation (RLO) inclusion

  15. To address complex refugee problems, the refugee regime should be accountable to the population it serves

  16. The Grand Bargain in 2022: an independent review

    Research reports

  17. Public narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants: Portugal country profile

    Case/country studies

  18. Proposals for a safety net in Afghanistan: Developing humanitarian transfers for resilience

    Briefing/policy papers

  19. Syria after the earthquakes: challenges to post-disaster recovery following the catastrophic humanitarian response

  20. Equitable and sustainable partnerships with Africa: time to define a new approach