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Sex, health and rights in displacement and humanitarian response: crises upon crises in Lebanon and beyond

Case/country study

Written by Megan Daigle, Alexandra Spencer, Jasmin Lilian Diab, Bechara Samneh, Aida Afandi

Hero image description: Graphic illustration Image credit:Jessica Rennoldson Image license:CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Lebanon hosts the highest number of refugees per capita of any country in the world. Key amongst their pressing needs is services for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), which are often more acute at times of (and following) crisis when fertility rates tend to rise and gender-based violence increases.

SRHR is often seen as lower priority than other areas of humanitarian response, and existing SRHR programming typically focuses on maternal health and interventions related to gender-based violence for heterosexual, cisgender women of reproductive age. In so doing, it fails to address the breadth of SRHR needs and does little to recognise the differing experiences and needs of marginalised groups.

Using Lebanon as a case study, this project sets out to provide evidence of unmet needs for SRHR services in protracted crisis settings and their impacts, addressing persistent misconceptions about the criticality and need for such services.