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  1. Social cohesion or social coercion? How policies to improve refugee–host relations can go astray

    Expert comment

  2. Sex, health and rights in displacement and humanitarian response: crises upon crises in Lebanon and beyond

    Case/country study

  3. Strengthening inclusive social protection systems for displaced children and their families

    Research report

  4. Participatory research with adolescents and youth in the Middle East: a toolkit to explore how crises shape young people’s well-being


  5. Crisis within crisis: the psychosocial toll of Lebanon’s economic and political turmoil on Syrian refugee adolescents

    Research report

  6. Adolescents in the abyss of Lebanon’s worst economic crisis: a focus on Lebanese and Palestinian adolescents’ education, and voice and agency

    Research report

  7. Adapting to fragility: Lessons from practitioners

    Research report

  8. 'Each one of us has a dream': gender-responsive education and economic empowerment for refugee youth in Lebanon

    Research report

  9. Adolescent lives in Lebanon: what are we learning from participatory evidence?

    Briefing/policy paper

  10. ‘We Have No Hope for Anything’: Exploring Interconnected Economic, Social and Environmental Risks to Adolescents in Lebanon

    Journal issue/article

  11. Adolescents in protracted displacement: exploring risks of age- and gender-based violence among Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and the State of Palestine

    Research report

  12. World Food Programme cash assistance in Lebanon: social cohesion between Syrian refugees and host communities

    Research report

  13. World Food Programme cash assistance in Lebanon: protection outcomes for Syrian refugees

    Research report

  14. Intersecting vulnerabilities: the impacts of Covid‑19 on the psycho‑emotional lives of young people in low‑ and middle‑income countries


  15. Through their eyes: exploring the complex drivers of child marriage in humanitarian contexts

    Research report

  16. Social protection in Lebanon: a review of social assistance

    Research report

  17. Cash transfers to Syrian refugees in Lebanon: promoting social cohesion and protection?


  18. Three ways to maintain Lebanon’s ‘fragile peace’ and rebuild Beirut


  19. Double crisis: effects of a pandemic and economic crisis on Lebanon’s most vulnerable adolescents

    Briefing/policy paper

  20. Video: When disasters and conflict collide