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  1. Economics, social status and gender relations: what makes households ‘female-headed’ in Somalia? Lessons from a rapid learning exercise

  2. The new US fragility strategy can be transformational – but requires careful implementation

  3. Dilemmas and experiences of international support for inclusive peacebuilding

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  5. Beyond the pandemic: strengthening Somalia’s health system

  6. Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture in Recurrent and Protracted Crisis (SPARC)

  7. War crashes higher education systems – countries like Somalia need a system-wide reboot

  8. Research in Somalia: opportunities for cooperation

  9. The 2017 pre-famine response in Somalia: progress on reform?

  10. Building livelihood and community resilience: lessons from Somalia and Zimbabwe

  11. Funding to local actors

  12. Funding to local humanitarian actors: Somalia case study

  13. Funding to local humanitarian actors: evidence from Somalia and South Sudan

  14. Counter-terrorism, bank de-risking and humanitarian response: a path forward

  15. Understanding the impact of de-risking on humanitarian aid

  16. The challenge of informality: counter-terrorism, bank de-risking and financial access for humanitarian organisations in Somalia

  17. Thinking and working politically in Somalia: a case study on the Somalia Stability Fund

  18. #AdaptDev: Innovation and adaptation

  19. Working in fragile states: learning from the Somalia Stability Fund

  20. Economic development in fragile contexts: learning from success and failure