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Agriculture & food

  1. Agricultural technology disruptors in East African value chains: implications for regional integration and inequality within the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF)

  2. Fostering Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural Value Chains: The role of climate-resilient infrastructures for SMEs

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  8. Farmer-led irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa: synthesis of current understandings

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  10. Agricultural technology disruptors in East African value chains

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  12. Women's perceptions of tenure security: evidence from 33 countries

  13. Almost half of land disputes over African sugar last more than ten years – new research

  14. Assessing the costs of tenure risks to agribusinesses

  15. Building livelihood and community resilience: lessons from Somalia and Zimbabwe

  16. Building resilient food systems and value chains through financial services

  17. Land governance and inclusive business in agriculture: advancing the debate

  18. Changing the lives of rural women and girls for the better

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  20. Land, forests and climate: achieving sustainable and inclusive economic development in Africa’s forest landscapes