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  1. Why the refugee label undermines social cohesion: lessons from Tanzania

  2. Navigating narratives in Ukraine: humanitarian response amid solidarity and resistance

    Working papers

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    Research reports

  7. Paris global finance summit

  8. Principled Aid Index 2023: In a weaponised world, smart development power is not dead

  9. Principled Aid Index 2023

  10. Proposals for a safety net in Afghanistan: Developing humanitarian transfers for resilience

    Briefing/policy papers

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  12. Prospects for aid in 2023: a watershed moment or business as usual?

  13. Syria after the earthquakes: challenges to post-disaster recovery following the catastrophic humanitarian response

  14. Development Policy Review January 2023 round-up

  15. What next for development effectiveness in a post-aid world?

  16. Development narratives in a post-aid era: Reflections on implications for the global effectiveness agenda

    Working papers

  17. Fixing the education financing trap: persuasions, promises and prospects beyond the UN Transforming Education Summit

  18. The US is vying for more influence in the Pacific region – but what does this mean for Pacific Islands?

  19. Adapting to fragility: Lessons from practitioners

    Research reports

  20. Lessons for peace: engaging with Afghanistan after four decades of conflict and one year of new Taliban administration

    Briefing/policy papers