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APPG roundtable explores the future of African-European trade

Expert comment

Written by Angela Kolongo, Jodie Keane, Dirk Willem te Velde

Image credit:All-Party Parliamentary Group on Trade Out of Poverty, Roundtable, October 2023

On October 23, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Trade Out of Poverty (APPG TOP), in collaboration with ODI, convened a thought-provoking roundtable discussion on the evolving trading dynamics between African countries and Europe.

The event, titled The role of African-European trade relationships and Aid for Trade in a climate-constrained world”, took place at the House of Commons in London. It aimed to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by climate-related policies and emerging technological advances through the lens of a “climate-constrained world” as well as future prospects as policies continue to develop.

Image credit:Panel discussants including Dr Jodie Keane (ODI), David Beer (TradeMark Africa), Michael Roberts (WTO), Prof David Luke (LSE) and Prof. Alan Winters (University of Sussex)

During the roundtable, participants delved into timely issues such as the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), supply chain regulations and private sector sustainability standards, including restrictions on airfreighted products. These measures have significant implications for vital sectors such as the horticulture sector in Africa. The discussions emphasised the need to address these challenges and find sustainable solutions that promote trade while addressing climate concerns.

Read the full summary, including the key themes and discussion points for each panellist via the download link below.