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  1. APPG roundtable explores the future of African-European trade

  2. Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Engages in Discussion on ‘Unleashing the Power of Human Capital’ at ODI


  3. Food prices in Mali and Sudan

    Briefing/policy papers

  4. The Sahel Conflict: economic and security spillovers on West Africa

    Research reports

  5. Stabilising the Sahel: Livestock as a driver of regional integration

    Briefing/policy papers

  6. Impacts of war on food prices and food security in potentially vulnerable countries

    Briefing/policy papers

  7. What is the economic impact of the war in Ukraine on Kazakhstan?

  8. A gender approach to monetary and financial policies in the COVID-19 recovery

    Research reports

  9. Cost of living crisis

  10. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit 2022: key takeaways

  11. Using real-time indicators for economic decision-making in government: Lessons from the Covid-19 crisis in the UK

    Emerging analysis

  12. What winter sports tell us about population ageing and development: lessons from China and Japan

  13. Think Change episode 2: reactions to the French election results – what impact will they have?

  14. Economic vulnerability to the Russia–Ukraine War: which low- and middle-income countries are most vulnerable?


  15. The systemic impacts of the war in Ukraine: a triple shock

  16. The Routledge Handbook of Smuggling

    Book/book chapter

  17. International Economic Development Group


  18. Economic Pulse 2: China navigates its Covid-19 recovery – outward investment appetite and implications for developing countries

    Research reports

  19. Structural transformation, economic development and industrialisation in post-Covid-19 Africa

    Research reports

  20. Political economy of fiscal responsibility