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Trade & investment

  1. CGF-ODI Conference 2023 | Shifting Global Economic & Financial Trends: What do we really know?


  2. The African Climate Summit: securing new trade and investment opportunities

  3. Carbon markets – strengthening the links between climate finance and trade policy

  4. Securing economic development in a climate-changed world

  5. Air Miles 2.0? How to ensure Africa is not penalised by net-zero policy spillovers

  6. The Nairobi Declaration must leverage South-South trade, investment and know-how to address the climate emergency

  7. The prospects for development in a climate-changed world: anticipating cross-border effects of climate change and climate action

    Emerging analysis

  8. China and global development: eight things to read in August 2023

  9. ODI at the WTO Public Forum 2023

  10. Partnerships for sustainable industrialisation in Africa: Lessons from the operationalisation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in Least Developed Countries (LDCs)


  11. One-stop border posts (OSBPs): an assessment of the economic and social impact

    Research reports

  12. SITA Newsletter - July 2023

  13. One-stop border posts in East Africa: impact on transport costs and issues for further analysis

    Research reports

  14. Sectoral and fiscal impact of the AfCFTA in Rwanda

    Research reports

  15. China and global development: six recommended readings and podcasts for June 2023

  16. Agricultural and industrial policies for inclusive growth in Togo

    Working papers

  17. Seizing the opportunity: Nigeria's path to market access in services under the AfCFTA

    Research reports

  18. A gender approach to monetary and financial policies in the COVID-19 recovery

    Research reports

  19. The role of Rules of Origin in promoting industrialisation

    Briefing/policy papers

  20. Carbon border adjustment: a discussion on effectiveness and efficiency

    Briefing/policy papers