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A review of the literature on biofuels and food security at a local level

Research report

Written by Anna Locke, Giles Henley

Research report

Much of the analysis published to date and discussed in public fora focuses on the impact of biofuel policies in developed countries on global food prices or is based on studies that model the impacts of biofuels production on food security but do not triangulate these modelling outputs with findings on the ground. This study seeks to address that gap by reviewing studies based on case study or primary data that discuss impacts on local food security.

It looks at two main models of biofuel feedstock production:

·         small-scale outgrowers linked to nucleus estates producing the same feedstock or supplying commercial processing plants that do not produce their own feedstock

·         large-scale commercial plantations, which use extensive areas of land, usually under a single crop, centrally manage decisions on land use and may or may not process their own output

Anna Locke, Giles Henley