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sub-Saharan Africa

  1. Why we need new research on public finance and service delivery

  2. Public finance and service delivery working paper series

  3. Game-changing finance: three ways to ‘build back better’ in sub-Saharan Africa

  4. Investing for sustainable climate services: insights from African experience

  5. Constrained choices: exploring the complexities of adolescent girls’ voice and agency in child marriage decisions in Ethiopia

  6. ‘Girls don’t shout if they are raped… that is taboo’: exploring barriers to Ethiopian adolescents’ freedom from age- and gender-based violence

  7. ‘They did not take me to a clinic’: Ethiopian adolescents’ access to health and nutrition information and services

  8. Informal taxes and transfers in sub-Saharan Africa: a review and analysis of incidence in Rwanda

  9. The data gap on public attitudes towards migrants in low- and middle-income countries needs closing – here’s how

  10. Leave no adolescent behind: addressing inequities in educational attainment in rural Ethiopia

  11. Ethiopia round 2 survey 2019/2020

  12. ‘Children are future leaders of the country’: Ethiopian adolescents’ access to voice and agency

  13. Adolescents’ experiences of Covid-19 and the public health response in urban Ethiopia

  14. History, restitution and justice for African nations

  15. How to do development differently, diasporically

  16. Digital life and work: future-ready youth

  17. Why the new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office must also focus on economic development

  18. Covid-19's impact on supply chains hits African trade hard, with GDP shrinking for the first time in twenty-five years

  19. Inclusive economic growth in Kenya: the spatial dynamics of poverty

  20. Africa’s economic transformation: the role of Chinese investment