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Public finance and service delivery working paper series

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How can public finance structures, systems, and processes support efficient, equitable and accountable public spending and delivery of public services? The working paper series contributes to the body of knowledge at the nexus of public finance and service delivery.

It will feature practical, policy-relevant research that explores how public finance management (PFM) processes, tools and mechanisms link to broader sector management. It will also look into how their application and effectiveness might vary given the diversity of institutional and socio-political contexts found within and across different countries.

The series covers a range of themes including:

  • Orienting PFM systems to support service provision
  • Financing arrangements for service providers
  • Fiscal decentralisation and services
  • Political institutions and spending on services
  • The role of technology in facilitating effective spending on services

It solicits contributions from researchers and practitioners in PFM, health finance, fiscal decentralisation and related fields. It offers them a platform to share their research findings, experiences and insights, discuss cross-sectoral challenges and develop actionable policy recommendations. By providing an outlet for inclusive, evidence-based, actionable research, the series seeks to promote joint learning across all disciplines and professions interested in improving public spending on public services.

The working paper series is funded through the generous contribution of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Call for papers and proposals

Call for proposals and papers for the working paper series on public finance and service delivery.

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